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There are none of the iconic skyscrapers, not Times Square or Central Park

- and yet,

many of the large-format cityscapes by David Antonides clearly depict New York. High

street canyons in which the light shines braking through from above. A sidewalk with a

street lamp and passers-by in the background, which form a shimmering play of light

and shade in the midday sunshine. A crowd of vehicles that are highly complex nested

in the background, it dominates a traffic light. Actually, all motifs that are found in

every city of the world - and yet it is unmistakably New York.

Johannes Wendland, Kulturjournalist Berlin


Highlighting the Volatility of the Moment

David Antonides approaches the subject of

architecture in a very unique way. Not only this,

he gives normally transparent watercolors a very

untypical weight. He even finds train stations sti

mulating subjects of urban landscape. He throws

a spotlight on what we find commonplace and

no longer notice, highlighting the volatility of the


Dr. Katia David, curator, 2013

WEDDING - KUNST PUR! |     "Galerie Wedding - Kunst & Interkultur", Altes Rathaus Wedding



opening of "transmetropolis" at berlin GASAG kunstraum
28 February to 4 April 2014
» Trans Metropolis "

In the first exhibition of the GASAG art space , we present three Berlin-based artists who approach the issue in different ways " Berlin and urban life ." Under the title "Trans Metropolis" , we present a visual transit through the middle of the big city - beyond the tourist routes and post card designs . There are passages frequented millions of times, the stations of the tram , the S- and U -Bahn , the little side streets with tenement houses , but also the intimate corners of urban life.

David Antonides , Anke Jungbluth and Marcel Teske show the viewer their subjective view of a personal walk through Berlin. Here, previously unseen perspectives open up , cast up the surprising highlights of the city. The artists present Berlin as an open city that always reinvents itself making it difficult to merge all to a common denominator.

Kai Geise, curator, 2014



David Antonides, Watercolorist in Soho, New York

Visiting galleries in Soho and Chelsea was a must when I visited New York. Soho, unfortunately, in general, has completely lost edge, except some street vendors showing their own tenacious efforts. A happy exception was the Broadfoot and Broadfoot Gallery, which featured many wonderful water-colors by David Antonides. I was very taken by his amazing cityscape watercolors, which were quite opaque and weighty, not the usual lightness one often associated with watercolors.His works are moody, multiple-layered and evocative.

>> New York City Report, September 2010, Part XIX:

New York 2010

 matthew felix sun