Paintings and Ghost images

In oil ink and water-soluble pigments we explore paper and color.



On plexiglass and created in ink, David Antonides not only transfers a "mono"- type to paper, but from what remains on the plate a second "ghost" image can at times be realized. The color is less intense and often shows details not visible in the first printing.
The second image at times seems to be expressing the "spirit" of the artistic idea more deeply, reduced to the common essentials.
The two works independently migrate from the printing press to the studio, where they are further developed by the artist's pigments and water, so that two works are created. While they portray the same topic, they often express divergent feeling and mood. The result is quite obviously a pair of twins but each is complete on its own and unique in its message.


$400 to $14,000

Limited editions

$75 to $1500





The new paintings


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