Water-soluble pigments on cotton paper


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Christies Art and Architecture Review Oct/Nov 2017

Tagesspiegel Kunst Guide 2017 / 2018




 Lightfall   100 x 1340 cm

A park, square or a group of people on a crosswalk can all reveal familiar angles, lines and light. Specific places and intimate visual codes resonate in cities we recall or suppose. 



"The Curve of the Earth"  75 X 105 cm

. The rolling country, unbounded by fences, inspires in every direction, a balance to the city. Includes impressions of the Baltic Sea in northern Germany, also marine and diverse things from life.

Antonides Glass

"Type 1" 

"Type 1" 

Over the past 12 years I have enjoyed exploring the aesthetic and language of glass. This recent series, through a modified free-air slumping technique, is an effort to elucidate my experience of historic and current topics.