Innerview, Zeitfenster

Berlin interiors across time are painted from a Canadian perspective by David Antonides. The subjects are drawn from iconic Berlin locations such as Kino International, Volksbühne/ Roter Salon and others.
This work centers on relationships that we feel with places. These histories are located in our minds andin the “stuff” of the structure and furnishings. We now want to see what remains after the original builders and tenants have gone.
Our perceptions of place and history may reflect our own interiors, whether Berliner or foreign artist. Perhaps time is layered for us in multiple dimensions and we can feel history even though we cannotrealize it through our eyes.

Working with mylar and paper, David Antonides attempts to recreate these physical and temporal layers. The artist uses ink, permanent marker and watercolor to develop similar
images independently. These multiple images are then brought together to produce a composite of visual depth.