biography and statements   

Born in Whitehorse, Yukon in 1958, David Antonides has studied in Vancouver, Europe and New York. His work is focused on watercolour  - but in an approach that creates a weight and drama not normally associated with this typically transparent and fragile medium. 

                                                       Frank Lee photo

"Water is a medium which intermediates the tangible with emotion and spirit.  It flows between intention and its own laws of nature and serendipity- its a collaboration of sorts.  Between the subtlety of complex colour transitions and the strength of dense, robust marks watercolour can make a strong statement and be monumental.  It can have weight and gravity."  "There is spirit and nature in the city.  We can feel it., although we may not always know where to see it."  The course of work has led to a focus on large format cityscapes and urban behaviour. David paints primarily in Berlin, Vancouver andNew York.  His work is included in corporate and private collections in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia.

        statement on cityscapes

This work is evolved from life experience and our group memory of the city, an evocation of intersections and paradoxes that emerge in our urban landscape. There is a compelling relationship between people and their urban context as active organic objects living and flowing through the chasms of inorganic and commanding architecture.  Beyond the strength and scale of the environment is nature as light and inspiration. This nature is overarching and lurks in the background; hidden, but its effects are ubiquitous. It creates a collective unity, embodying the spiritual - or perhaps just instinctive optimism.

In street-level images, our personal momentary experience may bring less identifiable images of people as suppressed identity, these are a closer-up view of us flowing at the street level. Each is a transitory representation of the other and iconic of our daily experience. I want these to be memory faded, imperfect, reduced to optimize our personal capacity for memory. A memory that finally becomes iconic and common in its appearance and recollection. These shapes are not entirely descriptive but shown as we may process them unconsciously. These become points to contextualize our selves as we find ourselves acceptably contrapuntal to them.

David has been influenced by Asian calligraphic and compositional work, Riopelle, Richter, de Kooning, Kline, Chu TehChun, Luc Tuymens and years rendering figure in watercolour.

This work is moving towards a meeting of Asian-influenced energetic brushwork and low-resolution digitized realism. In electronic and ad media, less production value results in a more convincing and engaging hypothesis. The meaning and structure appears between intentionality and the freedom to allow pigment to flow. These sorts of binaries are what this work strives to evoke.

As physical statements, these works are "artifacts"; deckled edges, push-pin marks, and scarred surface show signs of process. I want the paper to have its way with the pigment, water, and my actions so they speak clearly as an object not digitally reproducible.

"I want to be adept, unsteady and brave at the easel."


1958 born in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Painter and Sculptor

lives and works in Berlin



2002 - 2006

Art Students League of New York

1999 – 2001

Vancouver Academy of Art, Vancouver

1998 - 2001

Western University, London, Ontario, Canada


University of British Columbia art history (audited courses), Vancouver



  • Professional Association of Berlin Visual Artists/ Berufsverband Bildender Künstler Berlins e.V. (BBK )

  • Artists’ Database and Archive of Art in Public Space/ Kunst im öffentlichen Raum im Kulturwerk des bbk berlin GmbH



  • Public Art Competition (shortlisted 8th) Humboldtforum im Berliner Schloss, Treppenhäuser I und V, Berlin, 2017

  • Brandenburgischer Kunstpreis der Märkischen Oderzeitung 2016, Malerei (nominated)

  • AOK Art Prize 2016,  Kunst trifft Gesundheit, (nominated)

  • Uckermärkische Kunstpreis 2016 (nominated)

  • Red Dot Award, Phyllis Harriman Gallery, New York, 2006




2017 2nd round, Humboldtforum im Berliner Schloss, with proposal Welt-Wort

2017 - 2019 Glass project Luther Apfelgarten / Wartburg, Apple-garden installation and exhibition

2013 Painting in the Rain, 9 day performance and public viewing, Vancouver Harbour Authority

2010 Olympics Art Exhibition- O Zone,  invited by Tumbleweed Gallery and Winter Olympics, Vancouver, Canada, Feb 2010

2009 Top of the Tower, Tower 49, New York, installation of 11 large format watercolors through the view of Tower 49



2015 ARTESSENZ, Art Fair Berlin Sony Center, Berlin, Aug

2013 Berliner Liste, Artfair with Albert Baake Galerie, Berlin, Sept

2012 Toronto International Art Fair with Granville Fine Art, Oct,



2014 Kunst Mecklenburg Inspiriert,
        International Exchange and Exhibition, Kühlungsborn, Feb-Mar 2014





Metropolis Touring Art Book - fine art prints by 303 artists, Italy, Germany Portugal, Brazil, USA, 3 year worldwide 2014-2017

12 Monate-12 Originale, Art Calendar, Berlin 2016

Mehr Berlin, Bilder eines Protests, Tagesspiegel, Berlin 25 Nov 2011
Experimental Glass, Project with Robert Held, Vancouver 2008




ZIP, Brunnen64 Gallery, Berlin, Sept/Oct 2017


Insight,  Brunnen64 Gallery, Berlin, Feb/Mar 2016


solo,  Brunnen64 Gallery, Berlin, Sept/Oct 2015


Transcapes, Brunnen64 Gallery, Berlin, Oct-Dec 2014

Density, Broadfoot and Broadfoot, New Jersey, Sept 2014


Ghost and Twins, Brunnen64 Gallery, Berlin, Nov/Dec 2013

City, Forest and Boat-Scapes, Granville Fine Art, Vancouver, June 2013


Berlin Interiors and Urban Life, Brunnen64 Gallery, Berlin, May/June 2012

New Work, Broadfoot and Broadfoot Gallery, NYC, Mar 2012


CITY CODE*required, Urban views and identities, Brunnen64 Gallery, Berlin, Mar/April 2011

Inner-view, Zeitfenster, interiors-inside out, Green Living, Kulturbrauerei Berlin, Feb 2011


Inner-view, Zeitfenster, interiors-inside out, Brunnen64 Gallery, Berlin, Nov/Dec 2010

Berlin Finissage, Private home exhibition on Jasmunder Strasse, Berlin, June, 2010

New Work, Becker Galleries, Vancouver, Feb/Mar 2010


Vancouver Narratives, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, Nov 2009

New Work, Broadfoot and Broadfoot Gallery, NYC, Oct 2009


Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Broadfoot and Broadfoot Gallery, New York, NY, USA


Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada


AutoOne Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada




Wettbewerbsbeiträge Kunst-am-Bau, Treppenhäuser I und V, Humboldtforum im Berliner Schloss, Humboldtbox, Berlin, Mar 2018

Salon Nr. 2, Galerie Christine Knauber, Berlin, Mar-June 2018

Pulp + Process III, Madrona Gallery, Victoria, Canada, Jan 2018


Metropolis Touring Art Book project continues to exhibit in

Colours of summer VIII, Madrona Gallery, Victoria, Canada, June 2017

AOK Art Prize 2016 Show, Kunst trifft Gesundheit  Neubrandenburg, Berlin, Jan 2017

Spectrum, Art 345 Gallery, New York, Jan 2017
Uckermärkische Kunstpreis 2016,  Prenzlau, Kloster Chorin, Angermünde, Templin 2017



Salon Nr. 1,  Galerie Christine Knauber, Berlin, Nov 16- Jan 2017

30 Year Anniversary Show, Artworks Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, Oct 2016

Brandenburgischer Kunstpreis 2016, Schloss Neuhardenberg, Juli/ Aug 2016

Colors of the Summer, Madrona Gallery, Victoria, Canada, Jul 2016

AOK Art Prize 2016 Show, Kunst trifft Gesundheit, Schwerin, Berlin, Neubrandenburg, Jan-Dec 2016

Metropolis, Touring Art Book - fine art prints by 303 artists, Galerie 5ünf Sinne, Halle/Saale, Kulturhaus Milbersthofen, München; Biblioteca, Albergo delle Rovere, Palermo



Group Work, Broadfoot and Broadfoot Gallery, NJ, 2015
OpenAirGallery, Oberbaumbrücke, Berlin, June July 2015

Gallery Artists, 5th Anniversary Exhibition, Madrona Gallery, Victoria, Canada, June 2015

Scapes, Artworks Gallery, Vancouver, June/July 2015

Paper, with Barbara Yeomans, The Project 155, New York, May 2015
Metropolis, Touring Art Book -  fine art prints by 303 artists, BBK Druckwerkstatt, Berlin, Mar-June 2015

Urbanity, Artworks Gallery, Vancouver, Jan/Feb 2015

On-going Group Show, Albert Baake Galerie, Potsdam, Germany, 2015



Weihnachtsausstellung, Stiftung Starke, Berlin, Nov/Dec/Jan 2014/2015

Spur der Steine, Lithografie-Ausstellung, BBK Druckwerkstatt Bethanien, Nov 2014

On-going, Albert Baake Galerie, Potsdam, Germany, 2014

transit, 30 links Berlin, Oct 2014

INSTANCE, with Carole McDermit, The Project 155, New York, Fall 2014

Kunst Mecklenburg Inspiriert, Kunsthalle Kühlungsborn, Germany, Mar 2014

Transmetropolis, GASAG Kunstraum, Berlin, Feb/Mar 2014

aufgekratzt und tiefgedruckt BBK Druckwerkstatt Bethanien, Berlin, Apr-July 2014

OpenAirGallery, Annual Oberbaumbrücke, Berlin, July 2014

Metropolis, Touring Art Book -  fine art prints by 303 artists, Centro Internazionale della Grafica Venice, Kunstfabrik HB 55 Berlin



Weihnachtsausstellung, Stiftung Starke, Berlin, Nov/Dec/Jan 2013

Big and Small for All, Granville Fine Art, Vancouver, Nov 2013

Fall Arts Preview, Granville Fine Art, Vancouver, Oct 2013

Limerick/ Berlin Print Exchange, BBK Druckwerkstatt Kunstquartier Bethanien exhibits at Limerick Printmakers, Ireland, Sept/ Oct 2013

Macht Kunst, Deutsche Bank, Kunsthalle, Berlin,  April 2013

The Red Show, Granville Fine Art, Vancouver, Feb/Mar 2013

On-going Group Show, Albert Baake Galerie, Potsdam, Germany, 2013

Permanent Group Work, Broadfoot and Broadfoot Gallery, NJ, 2013


Opening, The Project 155, New York, Dec 2012

Holiday Group Show, Granville Fine Art, Vancouver, Dec 2012
Broome Street Finissage, Broadfoot and Broadfoot Gallery, NYC, Nov/Dec 2012

Fall Arts Preview, Granville Fine Art, Vancouver, Oct 2012
Kunst pur, Sonderausstellung Wedding Kulturfestival Galerie Wedding, Berlin, Sept 2012

On-going Group Show, Albert Baake Galerie, Potsdam, Germany, Sep 2012

OpenAirGallery, Berlin, August 2012

NordArt, Internationale Kunstausstellung, Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Germany, Jun- Oct 2012

Sans Souci, Arbeiten auf Papier, Galerie 30 Links , Berlin und Rathaus Potsdam, Juli/Aug 2012
OpenAirGallery, Annual Oberbaumbrücke, Berlin, Juli 2012

South Granville Art Walk, Granville Fine Art, Vancouver, June 2012



Werkstattdrucke, BBK Druckwerkstatt Bethanien, Berlin, Dec 2011

Permanent Group Show, Broadfoot and Broadfoot, NYC and NJ, 2011

Granville Fine Art, Vancouver



Grand Opening, Becker Galleries, Vancouver, January 2010

Olympic Games Exhibition- O Zone with Tumbleweed Gallery, Vancouver, Feb 2010

Group Show, Broadfoot and Broadfoot Galleries, NYC and NJ, Apr 2010



Cityscapes, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, Oct 2009

Annual Art Students League Shows, Phyllis Harriman Gallery, NYC, Mar 2009

ZBCA Annual Group Show, Zane Bennett Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM, Nov/Dec 2009



Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Broadfoot and Broadfoot Gallery, New York, NY, USA



Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Phyllis Harriman Gallery, New York, NY, USA

Basic Inquiry Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada



Phyllis Harriman Gallery, New York, NY, USA

Basic Inquiry Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada



Basic Inquiry Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Basic Inquiry Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada







Tagesspiegel, Kunst Berlin 2017/ 2018

by Nione Meakin, Christie’s International Real Estate, Luxury Lifestyle
Art and the Artist, October 31, 2017

RASANZ UND KRAFT,  David Antonides bei Galerie Christine Knauber
by Doris Heidelmeyer ARTERY, Berlin, December 12, 2016

Ehrung der Preisträger des Uckermärkischen Kunstpreises am 27. Oktober in Prenzlau
by Dietmar Rietz, Märkische Oderzeitung, October 11, 2016

TV Interview
ZIBB, RBB, April 27, 2016

Saatchi Art, December 12, 2014

Mit “Transmetropolis” eröffnet die GASAG ihren neuen Kunstraum am Hackeschen Markt
Tagesspiegel, March 7, 2014

Sieben Künstler aus Kanada, Hongkong, Ägypten, Israel und Japan arbeiten im Februar in Kühlungsborn
by Lutz Werner, Ostseezeitung, Feb 7, 2014

DAVID ANTONIDES Ein kanadischer Künstler in Berlin: urbane Motive zeigen spezifische Städte wie Berlin, New York oder San Francisco
In Potsdam, October 8, 2013

by Austin A. Williams, American Artist Watercolor, April 2013

Wie der Künstler David Antonides den Flugrouten-Protest sieht
Mehr Berlin, Tagesspiegel, Berlin 25 Nov 2011


by Jason Vanderhill, The Buzzer, Vancouver, August 19, 2009




David Antonides

(*1958 in Whitehorse, Yukon, Kanada) ist ein Maler und bildender Künstler.

David Antonides wurde als Sohn niederländischer Einwanderer in Whitehorse geboren. Sein griechischer Name geht zurück auf einen Priester, der 1649 von Sparta in die Niederlande kam. Aufgewachsen ist er in Penticton in British Columbia, wo er bis zum 18. Lebensjahr die Schule besuchte. Die nächsten zehn Jahre arbeitete er in der Kommunikations- und Computerindustrie, sein Hauptaugenmerk lag jedoch im Reisen. Unter anderem hielt er sich für mehrere Jahre in Asien, Europa und Afrika auf. Des Weiteren bereiste er Mittel- und Nordamerika sowie den Südpazifik. Danach gründete er mit einem Partner die Canadian Electronics Corporation (CEC), die er 14 Jahre bis 1998 leitete.

Seit seinem Schulabschluss 1976 besuchte er Workshops und Seminare von Malern und Zeichnern. Um sein Wissen im Bereich der Bildenden Kunst zu vertiefen, nahm er als Gasthörer an Vorlesungen an der Fakultät für Kunstgeschichte an der University of British Columbia in Vancouver teil. 1998 verkaufte er CEC und widmete sich nun ganz der Kunst. Er lebte für einige Jahre auf seinem Segelboot, mit welchem er die Pazifikküste bis Südalaska erkundete, wenn er nicht im Hafen von Vancouver vor Anker lag und Kunst studierte. Während dieser Zeit besuchte er die Vancouver Academy of Art, wo er an Kursen in Anatomie, Aktzeichnen, Aquarellieren und Bildhauerei teilnahm.

Von 2000 bis 2005 lebte er in Vancouver und studierte zeitgleich Kunst an der Art Students League of New York und Betriebswirtschaft inLondon, Ontario an der IVEY School of Business. Mit einem Master of Business Adminstration verließ er die Western University und begann als Bildender Künstler in Vancouver und New York zu arbeiten.

Erste Ausstellungen in Auto One and Atelier Gallery und Becker Gallery, Mowatt Gallery in Vancouver folgten. Die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Broadfoot&Broadfoot in New York beginnt und 2009 zeigt er großformatige Aquarelle im Tower49 in New York. 2010 widmete er sich den verschiedenen künstlerische Drucktechniken und verbringt Arbeitsaufenthalte in London, Montréal und Berlin. In Berlin gründete er 2011 die Produzentengalerie Brunnen64, wo er arbeitet und seine Werke sowie die anderer Künstler zeigt. Er ist Mitglied im Berufsverband Bildender Künstler Berlin.

David Antonides english

This work centers on relationships that we feel with places. The histories of these are located in memory and in the “stuff” of structure and furnishings. I now want to see what remains after the original builders and tenants have gone. Through urban icons and emotional insight our perceptions of place and history may also define ourselves.

David was born 1958 in Whitehorse in the north of Canada and educated at Western University, The Students League of New York and the Vancouver Academy of Art.

Working and exhibiting group and solo shows in Vancouver, Montreal, New York, London and Berlin. David uses acetate, paper, ink, permanent marker and watercolour to together to produce a composite of visual depth.

David Antonides deutsch

Die Arbeiten des in Berlin lebenden kanadischen Künstlers David Antonides stehen als visuelle Muster für den individuellen Umgang mit den Zeichen der

Metropolen.Sie kodieren die visuelle Sprache der Großstadt und versuchen auf das Umfeld persönlicher Lebenssituationen der Bewohner zu verweisen.

Diese dynamischen Arbeiten entstehen in mehreren Schichten: Sie werden als Monotypien gedruckt, mit Wasserfarbe koloriert und dann mit, auf Folie gezeichneten Details überlagert. Auf diese Weise bekommen die Arbeiten eine optische und inhaltliche Tiefe.

David Antonides wurde 1958 in Whitehorse im Norden Kanadas geboren. Seine künstlerische Ausbildung erhielt er an der „Western University“, an „The Art Students League of New York“ und in Vancouver an der „Academy of Art“. Seither arbeitet er in Vancouver, New York, London and Berlin. An diesen Orten sind seine Arbeiten immer wieder in Einzel- und Gruppenausstellungen zu sehen. tel 0176 695 1046