Bringing two images from the same origin will often elicit the judgment; “which one is really better”. More so than if they are vastly different, subtle differences seem to promote a heightened need for comparison. Twins can help us to reflect on our own experience. Technique and Process In addition to painting daily in various media, I have made an exploration of watercolor mono-types on plexiglass. Then, later, familiar techniques and mediums in my practice converged and matured into the work in this exhibition. This mono-type method of etching ink (radiertinte) and watercolor painting on paper has evolved over the processes of my aesthetic and technical image-making history.

I am exploring the same image in a number of ways. I begin by painting directly onto acetate in reverse order of paint and ink layers as well as painting the mirrored image. This first stage is transferred from the fresh acetate film to paper through high pressure using an etching press. I make a reduced first pressure imprint which results in a bold and strong image. The values and quality of edges is expressed differently depending on the pressure applied. A second is a ghost – a lighter variant using what remains on the film. During the second pass through the press, subsequent layers of unseen pigment are also pulled up onto the “ghost”. These two variants or twins may be finished works. Quite commonly, they are further painted and developed on the easel.

David Antonides Berlin, October 2013