Saturday Tagesspiegel Newspaper Project "Mehr Berlin" / by david antonides


The BBI Project


The history of Berlin is entwined with air-transport. The history of newspapers is tightly linked with etching. Images were etched in copperplate from the earliest days and finally gave way fully to photography in the late 1920's. There was a lot of license taken in visually describing the news in those days. The engraver attended an event and then etched an image (in reverse) onto a printing plate.


My project with Tagesspiegel documents some of the activity surrounding the protests, changes and reunification of Berlin airports. I made 4 impressions after attending these events. Three images are of differing aspects of the recent BBI protest. The fourth is of my earlier experience at Tempelhof. These mono-types were printed on printing presses at the Druckwerkstatt at Kunstquartier Bethanien, digitally photographed and printed with modern newspaper presses.


These are in the gallery at Brunnen64. You are also welcome to come and see them by appointment at Brunnenstrasse 64, which is just north of Bernauer Strasse.