Extreme Homes and Love in the City / by david antonides

When paintings leave the studio they take a life of their own.
From time to time I hear back from them in varied and surprising ways.
Their role in movies and films is one, I hear about them when a
permission release is requested. In April there are 4 paintings airing in two shows.
I wanted to share these with you today...    





On the set of "Love in the City" in a NY apartment overlooking the Hudson River.   photo EROC Productions


"Love in the City" is set to air April 12that 10pm on the Oprah Winfrey Network 

The new docu-series for the OWN follows four best
friends in New York City. The show follows these ladies'challenges and triumphs. The scene shot with the painting was during an event held at a privately owned apartment for a Breast
Cancer Charity event.

Paintings of New York and New Yorkers on "Extreme Homes" on the HGTV Network, the exact airing date has not been announced. The HGTV series called "Extreme Homes" has been filming some of the most unique homes all over the world. They have filmed a house that contains three of my paintings. This house is in England and is a surprising and unique one.

Sometimes they don´t make the editing cuts - sometimes they are stars...